Hammer of The Metal God

Almost from the word go this record from the Swedish thrashers hits you with some impressive shredding with opening track 'Beyond The Infernal Gates'. The guitar work is generic to the thrash genre but by no means unimpressive. This is a band that is out 'n' out metal; with the Slayer-esque 'Tyrannizer' and the epic final track 'In League With Satan'. The vocals are heavily influenced by Geordie black metal originators Venom and the ever influential Iron Maiden.

Whilst Mazes Of Torment are a Swedish band their sound is more akin to the crunchy Stockholm bands, the likes Entombed, rather than the melodic Gothenburg sound of In Flames.

In terms of the actual record, it is a good effort, albeit it can sound a bit samey in parts it and the drumming can almost dominate the guitars in sections but each songs spits venom from every member of the band.

Not quite a modern classic but great record nevertheless