Give it a dance

A trendy hop-around tune, well maybe a few years ago, the Ibiza scene’s a little deceased now and this track isn’t strong enough to act as a resuscitator, not alone anyhow. It begins with a little swizzle of strings, much in keeping with a lot of recent chart entries (Britney’s ‘Toxic’, Chemical Brothers’ ‘Galvanize’ etc.) and continues on in a revamped, but loyal club style.
It’s competent in getting a groove-on attitude hammered into your head, but it’s length is slightly too stunted to get full satisfaction from, it’s easy to imagine this being a lot better in a club atmosphere at club-mix length. Stonebridge feature Therese on vocal duty for this dance-floor monster, her voice fits well with the Spiller-like tune that keeps your head nodding, foot tapping and booty bopping, she’s got a smooth mixture of Kylie Minogue and Sophie Ellis-Bextor about her.
This could quite possibly and quite deservedly serve as a holiday anthem for those few club-stragglers left in 2005’s summer of sensation, living those dreams the world’s long since awoken from. But maybe that’s a good thing, Stonebridge here rehash a time when music was there for enjoying and shaking your body to and why not?
This cracker harks back to height of the Ibiza wave, reinstating dance and love and reiterating the purpose of the genre, for fun and pleasure we dance to you. Salutes to it, it’s certainly not bad, tribute where it’s due, this will get you happy and maybe even moving, no classic status attributed, but no need, it’s here for dancing to, so move sucker!