Get Well Soon

It was very difficult to find something to make of the titles of these two tracks let along the music included within them. Each has no connection to the other.

Lets start wit the band. Get Well Soon is a music project and a band formed by born German singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Konstantin Gropper. After many releases in Germany, the UK is now getting a taste of what is on offer.

On this release there are two tracks. The first ‘You/Aurora/You/Seaside’ is a dreary track to begin with, the type you half imagine in a Nightmare Before Christmas type of film due to its dark nature of sounds and the brass instrumentals just back up this concept. The second track, ‘Christmas in Adventure Parks’ is different. It begins as an acoustic folksy tune, which develops a deeper inner intensity. The vocals are lifeless, showing not much passion for what the singer is singing about. If this is the Christmas track for the future, bring back Wizard and Slade I say.