The Getaway Team - Lost All Hope

Don’t you just love it when you hear an excellent track from a British born and raised act?

The Getaway Team is an amazing five piece that began writing together in mid 2006. From the second you hear this track you are going to be hooked on the infectious melodies. With Tom Greenwood’s distinct British vocals making the track all that more special, ‘Lost All Hope’ is a remarkable catchy indie pop song, with a little punk attitude. The tracks soft vocals are enough to grab your attention and the guitar hooks you with its captivating riffs. The backing four harmonies work incredibly well together on a variety of levels.

From the second track begins I was hooked as my hands began tapping uncontrollably and my head bopped to the rhythm without my brain managing to control its movements. You are likely to be left mesmerised and heart stricken as I was. This is truly an amazing tune and I can’t wait for the mini album ‘Haven’t You Heard…”