Various artists - Gigantour 2 DVD

If you love metal, and you love seeing it performed live then you will love Gigantour 2, a DVD featuring live performances from some of the world’s finest metal bands.

The Smashup kick things of to a flying start with the track ‘Effigy’, in which they hit every beat and nail every note. It’s hard to get an idea of how big a venue the show is being held in as the crowd shots are kept to a minimum. From the few shots you do see of the crowd it looks like there is an impressive amount of people in the room, who seem to lap up each and every bands’ performance.

One of the nice things about this DVD is that it does just focus on the performances, the camera work and cuts aren’t amazing, they just let you see what you need to see to get a sense of what the bands are like when performing live. It’s with Arch Enemy’s performance of ‘We Will Rise’ that we see our first crowd surfer and it seems insane that such a manly voice comes out of Angela Gossow tiny frame.

The only two bands that I have seen perform live on this DVD are Megadeth and Sanctity, and while I cannot fault either for their performances on this disc, I did notice that a lot of the impact was missing. You have to see these two bands live to get a full understanding of what they bring to the stage, and I guess the same would go for all the bands featured on here.

Overall, the DVD acts as a good taster for the live metal scene, it’s full of impressive riffs, strong basslines, expert drumming and windmills that will make you dizzy just from watching.