Ida Maria

“Whiskey please, I need some more whiskey please” sings the Norwegian pop nihilist, Ida Maria on her second hit-single ‘Queen of the world’. After her bubbly, care-free paean to drinking is over, you will want to join her in knocking back the golden stuff.

‘Queen of the world’ is an unapologetically, simply structured pop song mixing brightly furnished hooks with tomboyish brashness.

The giddy, half-drunk three minutes is littered with lines like “I’m queen of the world, I bump into things” and “please let me stay like this”.

Ida’s upfront and open method of deliberation is quite refreshing placed next to the multitudinous, fusty female singer-songwriters who fill the airwaves with their half-cooked attempts at revivalism.

Her Scandan-seasoned voice is mellifluous to the point of honey-coated; a twist of Bjork’s otherworldliness is a welcome inflection to her melodies.

Ida’s footloose approach to song-writing is intoxicated with mischief and exuberance, let’s hope she drinks responsibly!