The Rrrs

Is anyone reading this unfortunate enough to remember the wretchedly annoying hamster song, the original ring-tone disaster that entranced all right-minded individuals into delirious rage whenever it was played in ear-shot?

Well, Sharzilla Moog, the Singaporean lead singer of The Rrrs defies logic: She sounds uncannily like the digitalised chirp of that cartoon rodent ‘song’.

It’s a shame because musically The Rrrs rattle off their riotous brand of ramshackle pop with might and main.

‘My Valentino’ is an up-tempo guitar pop single whizzed-up on panda pops and E-numbers. There is an underlying shamelessness about this hopscotching, hyper-active pogo-fest. You can almost hear the collective grin smeared across the faces of the band whilst they play.

Forbidden Kiss is a dreamy affair, bolstered by the pitter-patter of drum cymbals and sparkly, carbonated guitar lines. Again, the shrill flutter-tonguing of Moog’s voice is a shooting-pain sharp enough to make the eyes water, like the after effects from snorting a line of sherbert.

The ADD pop-madness wanes during B-side ‘Credit Crunch’ a song dedicated to the dreadful state of affairs which all independent musicians can relate to. Musically, it is darker and harsher, pertaining to a more razor edged sound.