The Getaway Team mini album

In an era of Panic at the Disco, You Me At Six, Tonight Is Goodbye and many similar sounding bands, all of which driven by energy and passion comes The Getaway Team. They are a team in the sense that when playing together each pulls their own weight and together win over the hearts of millions.

This mini album, as it has been called in the press release, shows they are a new British indie rock outfit ready to prove themselves worthy of the music industry. Within just five tracks the guys group together to produce some excellent short pop filled tunes, while also developing some more longer and focused numbers; each carefully written by the band.

There is a bouncy optimistic atmosphere that surrounds this record, so listening to it on a sunny Sunday afternoon I was impressed. From strong guitars on ‘I Regret’, jazzier riffs on ‘Not What I Signed Up For’ that overlap to fulfil the track, to strumming on 'Lost All Hope’ that grabs your attention; this is the recent single.

Vocals are pure pop pleasant with just enough edge to blend into the music and hypnotise a listener. The vocal solo on ‘Not What I Signed Up For’ shows there is ambition and eagerness hidden behind that voice. It is though, by all means, the harmonies that prove to be the most excitable thing going. At times they blend in so well together (‘Happier Reel’) that to distinguish one voice form another would be impossible. Where vocals split and overlap you would think could cause confusion for a listener, but more enthusiasm is felt than anything.

This is a band that on an open stage, sun shining, crowd screaming and energy pumping, could cause quite a catastrophe…in the good way. Welcome to the big league lads.