Fantastic new single from one of the brightest emerging stars of 2008.

‘Electric Feel’ is the follow up to the anthemic ‘Time to Pretend’, and is the second release from MGMT’s debut album ‘Oracular Spectacular’, with the band looking to build upon the rave reviews they received for the latter.

It is immediately apparent that this is potentially a classic summer song; chilled out, atmospheric and catchy as hell, with a guitar melody that’s so delicate and simple yet that lodges itself firmly in your brain along with the hazy, enveloping synth. On first listen it’s cool, shimmering electro-pop that is sure to receive a rapturous reception when blasted out over various crowd-filled fields this summer. However, it’s only on closer inspection that you realise just how much is going on, with a variety of electronic sweeps and effects scattered throughout, creating a vivid colour-rich tapestry drenched in sweet sounding effect-warped synths. The result is a fantastic slice of sunshine pop with depth and replay value aplenty that should become a sound of the summer.

An excellent follow-up to debut hit ‘Time to Pretend’ and one that should ensure that MGMT become one of the brightest emerging stars of 2008. Catch them live this summer if you can!