Catchy enough.

Apparently Noel Fielding is a fan of The Krak and you can hear why straight away, the London quartet have that rock n roll guitar pop sound reminiscent of bands like the 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster that he loves so much. But this lot are more indie-pop than rock, imagine 80s Matchbox covering The Kooks or The Zutons and you have the idea. Although the single isn’t particularly original, ‘Madame Riviere’ is a catchy tune, it’s hooky and features a lovely rumbling bass line, hand claps and staccato guitar rhythms and most importantly the vocals are the kind that are easy to sing along to, ensuring a spot at indie discos and student nights across the country forthwith and forever more. The B side ‘I Can’t Seem To’ is a little more interesting; slower and more melancholy, more of a grower and less of a party tune but probably with more lasting appeal.