Rebel yell for the 21st century

Taken from their terrifically likable second album, The Good Fight, 'The
Rebel' sees the London based Johnny Panic rewriting The Special's 'Too Much
Too Young' for the 21st century. Recounting a tale of teenage pregnancy, the
loss of dreams and how a generation "Can't be saved by Jeremy Kyle", the
band are hardly up their with other social commentators such as Oscar Wilde,
Voltaire or even the late, great Bill Hicks, but are saved by this being a
delicious slice of poppy punk.

Although the first four bars of "The Rebel" has an intro which evokes the
intro of Foo Fighters 'Everlong', just as your face falls into grave
disappointment, the quick change into a poppy, peppery hyped up rhythm
turns that frown upside down. Instantly catchy, sunshiny and exuding the
warmth and carefree attitude that the Beach Boys and Jimmy Eat World had/has
in droves it bounces along effortlessly, never reaching a fantastic
crescendo but maintaining that irresistible drive until its conclusion.

This is a band who had seemed to disappear into relative obscurity a few
years ago and who have now risen triumphantly back again into the
consciousness of the UK punk scene and long may they stay with us.