What a lovely thought, isn't it...?

An appealing title, no doubt about it- why did you click the link? Exactly. And a groovy tune to boot, the cat behind this opus of feverish, flat-out funky flavour is main man James. He does it all by himself in the studio, but on stage he's joined by other enthusiastic same-wavelengthers to realise the sound live.

And that sound is a sort of minimalist, driving noise pummelling with these high jinks here and there, mostly big bass bringing it home with a small percussion solo in the middle. The lyrics tell the tale of Daft Punk playing at his house, a dream of the Soundsystem man, a dream that would cost 40000 to become a reality.

This outfit sound like a mix of the (pre-redundancy days) Liars and The Rapture and features an unfortunate splash of Scissor Sisters sounding vocals when the backing pops in every now and then which must have been accidental, purely an oversight, but a costly one chuck! Still, it's a fun-as-hell song, which induces a syncopated dance in the name of LCD Soundsystem.

The Soulwax remix of the tune is the real treat of this lengthy single; those saucy Scandinavians bring a very savvy dance sensation to the music, doing away with the garage band sounds and replacing them with Daft Punk-esque sexy synths, simple beats and an unbeatable build-up to an all-out ending. An undeniably great remix that quite possibly supersedes the original.

LCD Soundsystem, with a winning sense of humour, deliver a song capable of rousing dancers and funky rock fans alike and bringing them to their feet to move to the groove of 'Daft Punk is Playing at My House.' It's a dream many of us hold dear and let's hope that good ol' James makes enough money off this single to make it come true, good luck to you!