Vanadium - Ep-ic

When this CD came into my hands I was a little apprehensive about it. ‘EP-ic’ by all accounts means heroic, majestic, impressively great, so you expect to be swept off your feet by something so incredible you are taken aback. Something you can’t help but share with everyone you know and can’t help but crave more.

This record fails in its attempt to be that. There is nothing heroic about it, nothing stand out or imperative, just four tracks of mediocre talent and for the most part dreadful devilish vocals. The band seem to find it imperative to have crashing electric impulses of sound at the centre of the tracks to somehow take hold of a listeners attention, bewilder them with their guitar riffs or maybe just show off with talent they supposedly hold. By doing this, the tracks sound as if Marty McFly (Back To The Future) has gone ape on us all and been time travelling one to many times. Johnny B Goode, more like this isn’t so good.

The vocals accompanying the music are depressingly dull, and nearly always fail to impress. There is no energy like the in the music. The vocals contribution just sits atop a mass of sounds like they are along for the ride. The screams seem to have more passion and dedication in them than the uninteresting vocals. Just when I thought the laid back and darker ‘Save The Day’ could be a saviour to the release and maybe bring alive the vocals with the occasional avid blast of screeching passion, it fails, even after it drones on and one for five minutes; it takes the energy out of you just listening to it.

Definitely not ‘EP-ic’, in any respect.