Average Stooges wannabes

Narco's main claim to fame is that they have provided the music for computer games such as Driver 3, Getaway 2 and Gran Turismo 4. All these sequels and so little time, what's a band supposed to do? Well, the London-based quintet have just gotten around to recording a debut record, and this track, 'Evil Brother', is the first track to be lifted from that. Complete with appalling, faux-Marlboro cigarettes artwork, there is little evil or dirty about this song as the press release would have you believe, but they do fit easily alongside other contenders in the current, messy London guitar scene.

Almost like a doped-up version of The Stooges in spirit, with keyboards aplenty, the track meanders along nicely enough without actually going anywhere or doing much. You imagine this is what 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster would sound like if the loose screws in their head were ever tightened. But without those added touches of weirdness and ingenuity, it means that Narco are simply alright, when they could be more.