Calmer Than Karma EP

For a solo artist, Steve Morgan has assembled an arsenal of backing performers, just the six gaining credit. Thankfully they make their presence heard in opening track Calmer Than Karma, which was going along nicely enough before a scorching electric guitar intervenes, pushing the song to new heights. Jouissance maintains the same lively tempo with Morgan’s vocals rising to keep up, then straining to maintain. For such a convincing, engrossing backing sound, his voice struggles to share the confidence.

What remains throughout is an affection for well penned, thoughtful lyrics; none more so than in I’d Like To Share My Time With You. A simple enough title which sets up the sentiment for Morgan to lull you in and then leave with a touching instrumental fadeout. M.F. depicts a poignant tale of reaching old age set to Morgan’s simple yet potent acoustic strumming. Maybe not the most striking track but it merits an inclusion, if only to prove his voice can defend itself at a live performance. He concludes on the much covered Whiskey In The Jar leaving both Morgan and an aptly performed flute to make their own unusual yet distinguished stamp. Yet another solo artist on the scene, thankfully Morgan knows how to make his mark, with a cleverly majestic EP.