3rd time lucky- but will it hit the top 10?

On your first listen to this single, you might wonder what on earth Mark Joseph is up to. This is the kind of genre crossing music that gets you into trouble with grumpy journalists looking for a nice simple label to attach. 'Lady Lady' is cool, clam and collected enough to appeal to Radio 2 but there is also a great deal of power and intelligent song writing poured into the music to please those who are into darker, heavier music.

You can hate me for saying this, but guitar pop isn't too bad if it is executed in such an unconventional manner. Where the term 'pop' is used, many fear to tread but Mark Joseph's music speaks for itself. Right from the very start this single sounds unlike anything else in the charts at the moment. If this reaches the charts (and being realistic, it will for it displays all the key signs of a brilliantly written song) it will make a refreshing change from the untalented artists being pushed by record labels. Mark Joseph is beyond this, having already enjoyed two top 40 singles without any help at all. If he's able to achieve this without help it will certainly be interesting to see where he ends up now he has the support of 14th Floor Records behind him.