Where are all the talented singer songwriters coming from?

The music and vocals on ‘Me and Delilah’ don’t seem to fit at first but there is something that keeps you coming back for more. The music is more akin to gravely throated singers telling of times they were wrongly imprisoned or how they are going to avenge being wronged by a woman. It is therefore somewhat of a shock to be taken to a different and slightly kooky world by Natalie Ross.

‘At Least I Know Where My Shoes Are’ veers off in a different direction from the opening songs and showcases more depth from what appears to be the very talented Miss Ross. It’s a far more plaintive track with finger picking styles and shows a more vulnerable side to the singer. Then again, like most girls she remains a focus of what is important and emphasises the importance of footwear.

This appears to be a mini-collection of her work so far and it should serve as a useful introduction to the artist. The deeper you go into the collection the more you learn and more you learn to like about Natalie Ross. That said, ‘Secret Lemonade Drinker’ never impressed this writer, who is far more of a prominent alcohol drinker but that’s one just track and the rest were great. And lets face it, this track is going to appease many folk along the way.

It is a solid body of work and hints at more talent to come. The double tracked vocals works well throughout the collection and if some moments leave you puzzled, there will be something better along very shortly.

Unlike the trains which rarely go cha cha these days.