Yet Another Great Welsh Band

What exactly is happening in the Welsh Valleys? Over the last few years every new band to come bounding onto the horizon have had some connection with Wales from The Automatic to Kids In Glass Houses to The Blackout and now there’s another to keep your music eyes on, Go-X.

Easing you in gently, ‘Dance Again’ steadily peels back a layer of eye watering high vocals that tenderly suggest a soft pop fuelled track for the teenies to devour. But don’t be fooled, Go-X are merely teasing as they proceed to clench their fists and punch you boldly in the stomach with an avalanche of squeals, body punishing shouts and a frantic assault of guitars to guarantee you’ll need peeling off the walls within ten seconds. Brandishing a two sided attack, ‘Dance Again’ explodes with a hardcore agenda, aggressively ripping your ears off with glee before offloading some dance enticing synths to ease the pain; a combination that will have you running begging for more. At its heart, ‘Dance Again’ is 90s post-hardcore oozing with a skater punk mentality but Go-X are no mere plagiarisers brilliantly smuggling in a touch of their own original freshness to exhilarate and excite. B-side, ‘Without Me’ may have a more accessible regime ruling with a cluster of guitars and addictive beats but that doesn’t stop the track from erupting with an adrenalinised bout of uniqueness to further prove Go-X are a band to get excited about .

It would seem if you want to be a great new band, you really do need to make the journey across the Severn Bridge as the Welsh once again prove there’s great music in their Valleys.