Get well soon- If this hat is missing I have gone hunting

When this track kicks off it feels very continental, almost like the Godfather main theme. When the vocals first kicked in, I thought, “Hmm, sounds a little like he’s got a thing for Nick Cave”. Then second later “Ahh, now it sound like Babybird!” However, what was more Alarming was the Faith No More ‘styled’ (I mean plagiarised) “Be aggressive” cheerleader chants or maybe he heard Marilyn Manson when he ripped it off with “Be Obscene”. If you sing “Be Aggressive” But change it to “Shoot, Baby, Shoot Baby” you will see what I mean! I guarantee some people will we raving about this song, I would personally call them raving MAD!! You will probably hear it on some horrible teen Drama one day, maybe something like “Laguna Beach” or “One tree hill”! It reeks of second hand knock-off ideas and I the more I listen the more I wince. So don’t be a knock off Nigel! Avoid this at all costs!!