Delays - Keep It Simple

Taken from Delays third studio album ‘Everything's The Rush’ their debut on the new label Fiction, the single ‘Keep It Simple’, is a great heartbreaker of a tune.

This song made an impact from the moment it began. It differs from what you may call a traditional heart breaker as it is far more upbeat and contains a more pulsating rhythm than a subtle melody you may expect from other indie bands. ‘Keep It Simple’ is an anthem and is pretty much what other musicians aspire to when they attempt such songs. The piano keys were what made this song memorable for me. It was this element that I consider the vital key in making a so-called “heartbreaker” song have the “breaker” effect on the listener. As it builds however, the strong presence that the beat follows explodes with a method that heartbreak kings of pop Westlife have used one too many times.

With a pop status that doesn’t have a bad influence, Delays have a hit on their hands.