Holy Ghost Revival - Embrace The Hate

Taken from their just released album “Twilight Exit” Seattle based five piece, Holy Ghost Revival, launch “Embrace The Hate” to the world to embrace.

The opening five seconds sounds like it could have come straight out of any Franz Ferdinand album only for it to evolve into a sleazy and glam style rock n’ roll. “Embrace The Hate” sounds like they have taken anything that the likes of Darkness, Suede and any other glam band before them have left behind only to put together something that would have sounded bad on the second Darkness album and that is saying something.

There is undoubtedly a lot of energy put into their music and you are lead to believe they will be a band that impresses in their live shows, (incidentally they are currently touring the UK), however, there are better bands out there; New York's Semi Precious Weapons for example, who are head and shoulders above Holy Ghost Revival on this showing.