Justice Funk Up MGMT Hit

Funktastic dance duo MGMT are releasing Justice's remix of 'Electric Feel' due to popular demand. MGMT's tune was already danceable enough and overflowing with energy, but the Justice team give it more edge. It's easy to believe that DJs lapped up this sharp version of the colourful pop song and unleashed its beats on their willing victims across the country. The beats are bigger and loom more angrily than on the original with the same haunting, echoing vocals and shimmering, sexy beats. This remix of the psychedelic pop tune is a sure floor filler, but it's also fun bedroom listening with over 4 and a half minutes of quirky shots of synth, punishing beats and hollering vocals with surreal metallic edge.

It's possible that this is one of most interesting and unique tunes you'll hear all year, so don't neglect it!