Somewhat less obviously tuneful and upbeat than an album like “Bows and Arrows” for example, “You and Me”, is never-the-less an interesting and very listenable release from the New York quintet. Starting off with ‘Donde Esta La Playa’, which gives an idea of where the record is headed • moody, warmly fuzzy, distortion heavy and full of jangly guitars and echoes. ‘On the Water’ has a lazy Americana feel - something like Calexico in their most energetic moments; it feels expansive, pensive, the production is beautifully open and makes the record sound live; as if you are watching them in a darkening desert with nothing but sand in every direction.

This record may not be as immediate as some of their previous releases, but it is, on second listen and beyond, a record that demands your attention and it grows on you every time, leaving a lasting impression. The album as a whole creates an atmosphere of longing, a kind of Autumnal dreaminess that speaks of twilight, the blurry border between awake and asleep. The meandering echoes and twinkling piano of ‘Long Time Ahead of Us’ and the dusty, jangly twang of ‘New Country’ epitomise the feel of the record; not exactly catchy but very firmly memorable and moving.

It’s hard to know whether “You and Me” will satisfy fans of the band’s earlier output; the poppy tunes are gone and have been replaced with something more mature sounding, something that swirls and gets under your skin without having obvious melodies or bashing you over the head with full on noise. However well this is received by the die-hards, the band may well make some new fans from these tunes • often they sweep you away with their jangly, sparkling beauty and depth, seeming rooted in a time long past without ever being old fashioned.