Hailing from Liverpool, a city that some other popular band hailed from, and supporting the likes of Elliot Minor, I was expecting something a little more like Cast, however what we get here in the band’s debut single, ‘(I Wish I Had) Never Been In Love’ is a song best described as Muse if they let their hair down and did Punk!

Right from the first feverish riff and the adrenaline fuelled drum beat we have a fast Punk song with an Indie edge. There is enough rough-around-the-edges harmonies that keep it not quite Punk, and not quite Indie, which shows that it does stand there very much on it’s own genre-wise. Indeed it’s catchy, and with enough hooks that Kerrang! have already included them in their ‘Top Ten Songs You Must Hear Now’…

Having been snapped up by Epitaph, and touring all through October and November with the aforementioned Elliot Minor, 2008 looks like the year that The Hot Melts will be unleashed onto an unsuspecting world and come out triumphantly!