Snow Patrol - Take Back The City

Snow Patrol return after a small break to release ‘Take Back The City’, the first single from their fifth album ‘A Hundred Million Suns’.

The band began as an indie band, later gaining awareness for a more alternative rock/power pop sound with some of their material. This single sees the band in a range of exploratory sounds from the gentle indie start the tune has to the more vibrant alternative guitars that sneak upon you gradually within the build up to the chorus and becoming more evident in the actually chorus.

One thing Snow Patrol is able to achieve is a powerful status with the electric riffs, while remaining gently calm and solid in regards to the remaining music and vocals. To find a balance between the two is something bands usually find difficult. Either the vocals are drowned in sound and unable to achieve momentum or too powerful for a tube. The equalisation here is brilliant.

The band have announced a ‘Take Back The Cities Tour’, in which they will visit four major cities in UK and Ireland, in 48 hours, get tickets while you can.