Farewell dreary days

I recently saw these guys in a support slot playing London’s Astoria. They may not look like much, but they sure know how to get a crowd moving. One of the songs that stood out in this evening’s performance and is now being released as a single is ‘Eighty-Eights’.

This is a short sharp power pop tune from one of North Carolina’s finest. The song is bought to life and driven by electro-beeps and crashing drums, that infectiously pulsate through a listener and tend to make at least one part of the body tap; feet on the floor in my case. They hit out with a smashing chorus you can’t help but sing along to merrily.

With this tune playing loud and on repeat there is no doubt that if you’re feeling down in the dumps, your day will soon be brightened for this song sound is so vibrant, it is like a little ball of sunshine rolled into a two and a half minute tune. Check out the bands myspace for even more amazing tunes.