Nathan Burton; It's Hard To Sell Your Home (When It's Part Of A Chain) (Northern Ambition 21/02/05)

Grass roots Manchurian Indie from a guy, who is as uncompromising and contains the intelligent depth of Doves, shrouded in the simple acoustically tingling instrumentals that provide a soft platform for his Damien Rice styled vocals. The title track is the most rustic and vocally upbeat offering of the three, as Burton playfully wrestles with the subject of the human conscience with the aid of a longing harmonica interlude.

The weaving instrumental of final tune 'Seeing It Through' on this brief debut three track tempter, lifts a soulful sojourn into the issue plugging on through the bad times and is delivered with subtle crispness and earnest passion. This number is a nimble ending to a commanding offering of authentic and meaningful pop from an emotive singer/songwriter.