Vibrant Indie Pop

LR Rockets are a curious band; they brim with energy but feel so chaotic that it’s almost hard to pin down quite why they’re so catchy or what it is that they’re doing right. But there’s definitely something quite great about them.

Opener, ‘Dance It Away’ is a crazed indie tune with impassioned vocals that hurtle along with an almost punk emphasis on the chorus as heavy percussion kicks in and for a moment silences the frenetic stream of electro indie sound. The 2 minute tune is over far too quickly to be deemed catchy, but it feels like it’s made an effect, if only by exhausting your brain through the fervent energy.

‘Death Of The UK’ is also pretty unintelligible but kicks off with such brash shouts and moves into a slightly more mellow and pop-based melody with occasional bouts of social criticism, “Kids have got knives, stabbing one another, kids have got guns, shooting one another” popping up into the bright melody. It’s all very nu-rave in texture and sound.

‘Animal’ rattles along at 300 mph with completely indecipherable lyrics except the chorus wail of ‘Animal’ accompanied by fractious handclaps and lithe guitars. The remix of ‘London Girls’ is an electro frenzied tune with trippy dance beats that race through your brain and fat effects exaggerating the chorus with a collection of noises that makes you feel like you’re in a pinball machine.

LR Rockets are off the wall and therefore deserve at least one listen to make up your mind, although an album of music at this pace would be a little too for even the most enthusiastic kids I’m sure.