Folk From The Heart

Bolton raised singer-songwriter Rob McCulloch is all about story telling. There are no redundant lyrics for the Bolton lad as his songs set out to paint a vivid picture of life today, rounded off with a little extra authenticity thanks to his strong northern accent. This is folk from the streets, speaking from the heart to the heart.

Capturing that feeling that everyone else is has having a great time at the weekend except you, ‘Wandering’ skips along engagingly as McCulloch taps into modern day insecurities and nights spent contemplating why its just you missing out. On paper it should be as depressing as Morrissey covering Joy Divisions ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ but McCulloch sprinkles the track with some black humour amidst sprightly beats to make sure not all hope is lost. ‘Members Only’ doesn’t suffer the same fate however; a cloud of doom hangs over the track ominously stealing some of the sparkle from ‘Wandering’ as McCulloch’s debut effort leaves you wishing it had been one song shorter.