The self-titled release

The music scene at the minute seems a very much male orientated space, especially in genres that indicate more to a rock base. Gradually there have been a few strong female artists making their presence known, so when an all female girl band such as Maeven hit the scene, it makes everyone sit up and pay attention.

When guitarist/vocalist Sally Saunders departed from her first band Psychological, she had high hopes, big aspirations and even bigger dreams for what she wanted to achieve in life. So, driven by her ambitions, she became part of Maeven, a South Yorkshire based band that has already played many UK and US based shows, including a pre-tour party for Guns n’Roses.

The bands new self-titled release consists of ten guitar driven tracks. The voices are well vocalised and remain consistently strong, with the harmonies blending together to the point that it became very difficult to distinguish one voice from another.

There is some obvious instrumental talent buried within the bands formation. Each track produced has some very strong guitar riffs, pounding drums and fast melodies. The problem comes when I found each track very similar to those in its surroundings. They say if something isn’t broke don’t fix it. However the same does not apply to music. Even though one song sounds amazing, there has to be something particularly different in each of the remaining tunes to keep a listener engaged. With this release, it was difficult to enjoy since it seems as though I was listening to ten repeated songs, with very little distinctions to make any of them particularly stand out. Because of the lack of uniqueness, the album became repetitive.

The girls have talent by the bucket load, but need to let their minds and creativity run wild to create something with a bang! If however, you don’t mind the repetition, you will welcome these four ladies into your life with their self-title release.