Little Sparks

After reaching the final of Channel 4’s ‘Road to V’ show and winning £15,000 to record and release their debut album, it is fair to say that this Birmingham 5-piece have ticked quite a few boxes in the music world. National press exposure; check! Radio airplay; check! Burgeoning fan base; check! Famous fans; check!

With such plaudits and achievements in the glowing embers of their career they undoubtedly show great future promise, although their debut single ‘Day from Hell’ is more of a lit match rather than a towering inferno to set the world alight.

With a light sprinkling of Ska, it doesn’t fall in to the all too common trap of sounding too busy or too ear tickling and is further balanced out against the band’s indie rock sensibilities. But by toning down they seemed to have missed a bit of a trick. One of the major elements which the song lacks is any palpable energy; there are no surging choruses, no shout along lyrics and no sign of the vibrancy that a couple of brass instruments usually bring to a track.

Perhaps not the strongest of tracks to release to showcase their upcoming debut album; they seem an interesting enough proposition, even if this freshman effort is a little lacking.