Lets take a trip

Sometimes the biggest tragedies aren’t uncovered for a lengthy period of time and it turns out that the death of River Phoenix prevented some young front man getting a kiss from a girl. Or so the story goes from a man called Trip who may not be exactly topical (if he sang about Joaquin Phoenix’s beard then that would be fair enough) but he does manage a combine snappy storytelling with some indie guitar. It’s not the combination you would expect but it works quite well, perhaps almost too well, as you can hear it being plastered over a hundred adverts in the not too distant future. Anything that pays the bills is alright but there is the chance that Trip could be hanging around for a while yet.

The backing track is quite poppy, aside from the indie disco guitar, the other sounds could easily come from a pop song created for Girls Aloud or their ilk and the vocals bop between The Streets urban storytelling and the rolling easy going flow of Mr Scroobius Pip. It’s a combination that works quite well and it wouldn’t be a shock if this song found itself nudged neatly onto the Radio 1 playlist. Okay, it would be picked up more by people like Moyles and Mills, people that its hard to believe are dj’s as they genuinely hate music but theres a quirky feel to the track, which is the sort of thing they go for in between talking about themselves. Regardless of how and where this track gets picked up, it does deserve to be heard by a wider audience so if you get the chance, give it a listen.