Slated as yet another black metal band from Finland, with three albums under their belts Norther have finally began turning critics heads and making them realise that they haven't 'ripped Children Of Bodom' off and do have decent music to offer the scene.

Formed in 1996, then known as Requiem, Toni Hallio, Petri Lindroos and two other friends set about performing and practising wherever they could. The Children of Bodom set them up with a rehearsal space, Lepakko and Requiem thought they had it all until Lepakko was destroyed along with hopes for that band. The two perservered though finding another rehearsal space, Nosturi, that they still share with Children of Bodom today. A new guitarist Kristian Ranta joined and he introduced the Ekroos brothers (Sebastian and Joakim). They worked hard and produced a demo that Spinefarm got hold of and were impressed, signing up the boys who had by now changed their name to NORTHER.
Soon after this deal was signed the brothers left but Jukka Koskinen and Tuomas Planman were soon brought in as replacements and 'Dreams of Endless War' was released. The comparisons to Children Of Bodom were caught hold of immediately and a lot of the metal music press didn't give them the time of day. The release of the second album the following year, produced by Anssi Kippo in the Astia Studios proved their worth. 'Mirror of Madness' is a blend of new black metal infused with the classic stuff and showed Norther definately has a future. 'Death Unlimited' was released in 2004 and a folllow up EP is planned for Summer 2005. Petri Lindroos is currently sharing his talents with the folk metal band Ensiferum. read less


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