Young Melbourne based songstress Vanessa Eve and her 3-piece punk rock outfit Jaed will release their debut album 'Dirty Days' through Instant Karma in the UK on March 13th.

In a world where sometimes drugs and a decadent path of self-destruction take
precedence over actual talent, it's heartening to find someone like Vanessa Eve, a young woman who has struggled with such demons and conquered them, allowing her creativity to flourish as the powering force behind Jaed. A childhood spent listening to Veruca Salt, L7, Hole and the Pixies is echoed in her music, but it's Vanessa's disarmingly honest and personal lyrics that make this debut release so undeniably unique and exciting.

Laced with a wicked black humour, her songs betray an insight into the struggle of a young woman who, at the age of 16, was forced out of home by an abusive father and left to live on the streets of Melbourne with a drug habit to feed. 'My Way' deals with life on the streets and "the hold heroin had over me" explains Vanessa. The heartbreaking 'Scream' about "being abused by someone you trust" and the defiant 'Someday' "just saying fuck you.. having to believe in yourself because nobody else does" are some of the most rawly personal and honest rock songs you'll hear all year. On the flipside of the dark experiences are songs like 'Catherine', a 47-second attack on an un-loved acquaintance that allows Vanessa, albeit briefly, to act a little more her age.

The band's line up is completed by a British rhythm section that is comprised of two childhood friends Matt (drums) and Greg (bass), who grew up playing together and provide a solid, energetic backdrop for Vanessa's guitar and vocals. read less


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