Punk pop goodness from Anglo-Aussie trio

If you believe the cover of a girl with a guitar, Jaed should be an acoustic singer songwriter. They're not. For once, the press release is pretty accurate with its description of 'spikey punk pop'. Jaed happen to be a three piece punk band, 1 part Aussie, 2 parts English and they're really pretty good.

The first A-side, 'Catherine', is short and to the point - under a minute's worth of bitchy punk pop, which at first seems very Avril Lavigne-like but quickly sheds that impression. Besides, with lines like 'you think we're junkies/but you don't wash your undies', you can't go far wrong.

'Gutter Girl' is rather longer, but no less good. It sounds like a mix of Hole and L7, and damn it's good. For a three piece they sure know how to make a racket, and it doesn't matter that it all sounds American when you can sing along to it so easily. It's a shame this is a download-only single, as it's a damn sight better than a lot of stuff out there now - highly recommended.