Long before the recent explosion of post hardcore/emo/screamo bands these four guys were punching out passionate tracks of this genre, but after years of playing together and experimenting, the band Enter Shikari hit the road in the summer of 2003. All members have been close friends for many years and they combine each individual's own influences, to form a sound that is truly original, a word that is thrown around far too much these days.
So what makes Enter Shikari original? People are constantly trying to pigeon hole Enter Shikari but always find it very hard; Enter Shikari simply mix aspects of modern Rock, Punk and Metal with other genres such as Dance, Euphoria, Trance and Electronica. The Result is a marriage of passionate rock music with both atmospheric electronics and cheeky dance Synths. Whilst keeping the honesty and unifying sense of hardcore, Enter Shikari play progressive rock, with an experimental attitude.

Live, you witness such a passion in their performance and music that you cant't help but feel involved. With an incredibly intense stage presence that reflects the euphoric aspects of the music, they are definitely a must see live band.

With 3 CD's under their belt, (the newest of which was recorded with Mark Williams @ Criterion Studio's) and their first two full UK tours a great success, Enter Shikari look towards the future to continue their invasion of the UK, consistently increasing their fan base in every town they play with their contagious, and unique sound.

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