Enter Shikari's third single from 'a flash flood of colour'

Enter Shikari have always been a band to divide opinions and in new single Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here they give the world their very own on the music industry. This is the third single from Anti Political and Top 5 album A Flash Flood Of Colour, the track containing a line which gives the album its name. The track itself is a statement on the current homogenisation of music, which I'm sure we can all relate to, living in a world where sometimes it seems the only way to become successful is to put on a pair of chinos and cover someone else's songs in front of Simon Cowell, it's refreshing to see bands like Shikari still doing things their own way. You can almost already hear the mass sing alongs as the track comes to a close, coupled with shikari's reputation makes this a track that's simply begging to be played live. Whether you're lucky enough to be singing along from the crowd as Shikari take the main stage at reading/Leeds this year, or find yourself trying not to break out into song as you sit on the public bus it's clear this song truly could become an anthem.