(n.) a 3 piece band
orig. manchester, england
pl. form. electric and/or acoustic (roars and purrs respectively)
v.t. has wheels, will travel esp. diet punk/dirty country
pres.p. fi (gtr/pno/vox), ted (kit/vox/gtr/mndln), joel (bass -
lit. passionate and powerful trio

GeEkgiRL is a name, but not only is it a girl and her brand, it is also a girl and her BAND. the seeds were sown as early as 2001 - a nice italian giRL from yorkshire found herself in the heavy heat of dirty london town, so she sought out another girl who brought another, which resulted in the sacking of the second, and a duo arose, thrusting songs in the faces of a scene that didn't really know what to do with them. these girls were jo and fi - one hugely talented musician, and one with a voice and something to say. what she was saying wasn't much at the time, but it sounded good. she's a geek after all, not a politician. when fi got sick of the big smoke she headed back to manchester and acquired a little man by the name of tedward who promised great things in the drumming department. she rocked out so much she sprained her wrist. with the drums in place, fi headed to her local bass office and found a big man known as joel of the bass who she thought looked like a bass player, and indeed he was. two became one, one became three and now there is GeEkgiRL the band... a blend of punkysociorockpopgravel™ that can't quite be pigeon holed, but go ahead and try - comparisons have been made to fiona apple through a big muff, alanis morrisette wrestling with the white stripes, and kate bush riding a rock n roll backline. read less


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