Get It On

Geekgirl are a female fronted three piece from Manchester that deliver upbeat and energetic catchy songs in a 'dirty country' or 'punky pop' style (their words, I could think of no better!). Being bottom of the bill tonight has its advantages as noone has gone home by the time they come on, which can be a problem at the Night and Day, subsequently they get a healthy crowd with a reception to match.

Despite having to borrow a drum kit at the last minute (due to not bringing their own, through no fault of their own apparently) they come over as a tight unit and have a definite edge to them. Guitarist and vocalist Fi plays a low strung semi-acoustic but most of the time she plays it like a full electric and it does take a bit of a pounding, her vocals are clean but forceful and inject energy and melody to good effect. What impresses early on however is the bass (courtesy of Joel), which features some great riffs that are occasionally overlayered with some groovy effects. They manage to keep the set driving along nicely and remain engaging despite a lack of any movement on stage and the between song banter being altogether too quiet.

They go down well and knock out some great choruses along the way, most notably one that centres around the choice phrase 'Fuck you'! Their short set has been enough to capture the interest and with a self produced album already out they are certainly one to look out for.