2004 has been an important year for easyworld seeing them enter the top 30 for the first time with the beautiful and sensitive ‘Til The Day’ back in February.

easyworld then went on to perform tracks from their second album ‘Kill The Last Romantic’ to sell out crowds across the UK before taking a well earned break. Soon they were back in the studio, this time Helicon Mountain to record what must be their most instantly catchy single to date.

When asked to describe the meaning behind the (deliberately) ambiguous title, singer and songwriter Dav Ford explains that it’s about many things, it could be anything from the end of a relationship to the current state of international politics. However Dav is emphatic, he knows exactly what the song means; “quite simply it’s about how good ideas and beautiful things like love, democracy, music and integrity are devalued by the powers that be”.

While the music industry suffers from downsizing and corporate takeovers, Dav felt compelled to write a song that expressed how he and many other musicians feel cheated of their art by the machinations of the ‘business’. Despite strong feelings he’s keen to express them in the most positive way possible; “the world is coming to an end so let’s enjoy the view” jokes Ford, emphasising that far from being a bitter lament, How Did It Ever Come To This? has more of an uplifting feel to it. Helped along by a strong melody, hook and lush harmonies the single is even more of a summer pop song than any of the band’s previous releases. Dav refers back to the album, which has launched them in to the public eye more than ever before ‘this track is like a rallying call to the last few romantics’
easyworld’s army of loyal fans will be able to hear tracks from album Kill The Last Romantic along with the new single at this years V Festival when the band appear at Chelmsford on 21st Aug and Stafford on 22nd Aug.
How Did It Ever Come To This? is produced by Laurie Latham and will be accompanied by a video, directed by Collision Films (Radiohead, Scissor Sisters, Franz Ferdinand, Blonde Red Head), which illustrates the track to dramatic effect. The video features the band playing amidst the ebbs and flows of the world’s evolution, through beauty and destruction and out the other side to a post-apocalyptic serenity.

It looks like the romantics will be OK…

Source: Easyworld Press Office (August 2004) read less


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