Bears From Labrador - El Cantar De Mio Cid EP

London trio Bears From Labrador, have produced an intriguing EP with different styles on the four tracks. The Opener 'Chop It Down' has a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club feel to it and can is quite enjoyable with its rocky style.

'Me and Bella Starr' then follows, a lot slower and pained, with a trumpet joining the acoustic guitars in a song about the 19th century American gangster. The third track 'Love' is more of an upbeat, pop tune with hints of 1960’s hippy style which surprisingly had my foot tapping along. After telling said foot off we moved swiftly to 'Cruel As The Wind' the fourth and final track. The longest song of the four at just over four minutes, it builds very slowly with more being added to the song without changing tempo, a nice conclusion to this fairly laid back, relaxing EP.

Having just got home from a tour of the west coast of America it will be interesting to see what happens next to this talented trio.