Not Feeling It

‘Can’t Stop Feeling’ is instantly Franz Ferdinand with a sly, futuristic disco pulse that drips with cool. Unfortunately the tune doesn’t really feel like it goes anywhere, once you’ve danced along to the fat, swaggering riff and got the chorus stuck in your head there’s little to make you come back for more. It’s probably one of the band’s less enticing tracks, relying mostly on dancefloor urgency and a groovy rhythm to carry it along, while the actual melody lacks much attraction and the lyrics are pretty basic. It steers away from the band’s previous guitar-based work and attempts to add in some electronic elements in a style that almost sounds a little like low-fi Muse at times, but somehow it just doesn’t come together.

It’s fairly catchy tune, it’s just not doing much to make the listener really feel it…let’s hope that the rest of the band’s album has more of their usual seductive indie fare as we’ve heard this before and it’s not really necessary to listen again.