Above Them All

It is a truth universally acknowledged that bands do not get better with age. Whether they lose the vitriolic spite of their early years, deviate from their original musical manifestos or just become ridiculous caricatures of themselves (add your own examples), there appears to be no escape from the inevitable. Difficult second/third/forth albums aside, the excitement, inventiveness and originality of a new band is seldom replicated after the first few singles.

Luckily, Pontefract’s Above Them show no signs of being afflicted with the aforementioned curse and have come back bigger and brighter than before with their latest offering.

‘For Those Who Paved The Way’ is a gutsy, bold and anthemic call to arms. Dripping with sweat and intensity from the first pop of drums right through to its crashing climax, it is propelled along with an intense sense of urgency and the most hooky of hooks.

Above Them simply have everything a band should have in their arsenal: creativity, grit and anthemic ‘one hand in the air, one hand on your heart’ shout-along songs and if this single is representative of their upcoming album, ‘Blueprint For A Better Time’, Above Them could be the ones paving the way for legions of others.