Set Your Goals - This Will Be The Dead of Us

Pop Punk hasn’t sounded this good in a while so as Set Your Goals release their second full length album ‘This Will Be the Death of Us’, a big smile spread on my face.

As the album begins you realise you are in for greatness, not just for this tune but also for the entire twelve present. Each one is very similar yet very different in its own way, which I know sounds confusing so let me clarify. Each song is styled as pop punk, with very strong guitar riffs and bouncy rhythms creating little bursts of sunshine, which is welcomed. A fast pace is used to create an adrenalin rush in the listener. Imagine Sum 41 or Blink 182 on some of the happiest days of their careers.

Then there are some tunes however that take the pop side more on board; others have the punk sentiment becoming a little more dominant such as ‘Our Ethos: A Legacy TO Pass On’, which has a punk core and some rather hard hitting moments creating an intensified environment. While on some tunes there is a harder side such as on ‘Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Man).’ There is then ‘Arrival Notes’, a short acoustic guitar interlude. There seems to be a live atmosphere created by this record. Whether the songs release it or it is my subconscious wanting to imagine I’m live at a gig I'm not sure. Probably the most noted for this being ‘Summer Jam’ as it has a very anthemic ending.

The harmonies on this record are the most impressive element and when grouped wildly together create tingles on the skin. The album has a few guest vocals from Vinnie Caruana of I Am the Avalanche, New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert, Jon Gula, formerly of Turmoil and most noticeably, Hayley Williams of Paramore who’s vocals on ‘The Few That Remain’ really stand out with her own attitude.

After listening to this album I can only imagine great things from a live performance by Set Your Goals. There is so much energy and enthusiasm pumping though the air; on stage I can imagine antics would be high.