A solid debut album

British rock trio Helsinki Seven release their self-titled debut album; a roughly produced, melodic, riff heavy 10 track record with a DIY approach and tons of heart. The band’s sound is all chunky guitars, punk tinged vocals and big almost anthemic choruses.

The album is from the school of melodic, warm rock with a punk edge; comparisons on the press release to Nirvana, At The Drive In and Pixies don’t really seem to fit at all, the music Helsinki Seven produce has more in common with bands like Fighting With Wire, Alexisonfire and Biffy Clyro (‘I’m Sparticus’ sounds very much like ‘Bodies In Flight’ from “Vertigo of Bliss” even down to the quirky stop/start guitars) they also have an old school post-hardcore twang that brings to mind bands like Million Dead.

Helsinki Seven have some really decent tunes; ‘Trap Is Set’ has a great main riff, it’s warm and comfortable and has a sing along quality which is something that runs throughout the record, they really know how to put together an addictive and catchy song. It is a record you want to return to which is a testament to their song writing skills and the album really grows on you the more you play it; opener ‘Transmission’ is hard hitting and bouncy with straightforward but danceable riffs; ‘Waiting For A Hero’ is chunky and solid and has an infectious Fighting With Wire-ish riff which is really hard not to bob your head to.

A really solid debut record full of danceable rock tunes with an addictive melodic quality, this band pens a great tune.