Metal Exotica

You've got to hand it to Max Cavalera, if anyone else tried to fuse world music it wouldn't look right. However somehow Max can carry it off pretty darn well.

This DVD includes performances from all over the world as well as material recent album Prophecy. Live songs include the blistering Seek N Strike, Eye For An Eye and Living Sacrifice. The ghost of Sepultura still hangs in the background as performances of Refuse Resist and Roots Bloody Roots are one there too. As well as all of the bands promo videos including Bleed which features a guest slot from the backward - cap wearing Fred Durst. Rare footage comes the recording sessions of the latest album including the use of a Serbian orchestra. And bonus footage from Holland's Dynamo Festival.

The DVD highlights how exotic a performer Max Cavalera can be in live situation. Despite the revolving door policy the band make a good live band and the DVD does the band justice in that respect.