Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life

With no b-sides to showcase what a band is capable of, A solo song single rarely gives you an insight to their style or talent but with 'Kiss Of Life' Friendly Fires tantalises your senses leaving you curious as to what else this band has to offer.

Breathless lyrics, interspersed with a frequent harmoniswd uplifting of the words 'Kiss Of Life', provide the backbone for the song. A throbbing heartbeat from bassist and drummer insert a counterpoint rhythm, this leaves the music from the keyboards to become the focal point winding it's way around the vocals and drums.

While it's a simple melody, there is quite a lot going on in this song and as you listen you find more intricacies to focus on. A subtle bass beat here, a repeating electroic rythym there, all the while contributing to produce a song that is constantly lifting upwards.

The single is available now and will also feature on a special edition expanded version of Friendly Fires debut album.

'Kiss Of Life' is a light and airy track and leaves you wondering what else Friendly Fires has to offer.