Tell Me

Scotland have waited a while for a band to hold close to their bosom, that is until you hear ‘Tell Me’, the new single from The Echo Session. Proudly upbeat with a rollocking, unabashed acoustic sound, like The Blueskins on their day off, this is almost Americana with barely a Scottish intone in earshot.

Their arrival could not be more well timed; let’s face it, with a recession clinging on into the ebbs of summer, the public needs cheering up. Having already amassed a repertoire of tracks like squirrels in autumn, their introduction into the big, bad world of Britain’s music scene is somewhat timely. Even the subject matter is relevant; that of counting the pennies, dodgy bank managers and crooked morals. Yet aptness barely matters with such crafted lyrics that not only resonate but bellow out with enough substance to remember them by but enough joy to want to sing back.