Meaty riffs

New mini album, “Dig Your Own Grave”, from Brit four piece Cars On Fire combines hefty, dirty, solid riffs, great melodies and a raw, exciting energy that is reminiscent of bands as diverse as Every Time I Die, Helmet and (on occasion)Million Dead. All the tunes here are heavy duty but wrapped in fantastic, addictive melodies, there is no shortage of sing along choruses but the tracks are so well rounded that rather than a stuttering quiet/loud structure the melodies are woven throughout and just become part of the whole package.

There are no duff tracks here, from the opening dark and meaty riffs and seriously catchy chorus of ‘Burn The Suits’ you know the record is going to be something special and you are not disappointed. Tunes like ‘Modus Operandi’ and ‘Work Horse’ are heady and uplifting stuff and sound so assured that they feel like old friends on the first listen. Overall this is a very impressive and very addictive album, moving smoothly from intense and punchy to danceable and anthemic, these are songs that will demand your attention straight away and stand up to repeated listens easily and because it’s only seven tracks long the record also leaves you gagging for more. You need this band in your life.