Gisli offers some comfort to those who've been having a crap day.

Gisli. The first thing that sprung to my mind was that it sounds like the name you'd find describing a middle-earth dwarf. Whatever I was expecting out of the single 'The Day It All Went Wrong', I didn't find it. Instead, I was greeted with a song I could easily relate to. Being human involves an element of surprise and that can lead occasionally (or frequently if you're anything like me) to the kind of days where you'd rather go back to bed. On this stripped down single, Gisli somehow captures the very feeling that rages within me on those days when everything goes wrong.

It's not long, it's not packed with dynamic killer riffs, but it has the kind of homely feel that I'm sure would comfort when faced with a bad day. I can only wish that I'd listened to this single on the day when the sight of yet another single to review tipped me over the edge. It's certainly not the kind of song that will remain on radio play lists for months to come, but for those who discover its quaint ways, it might offer some support the next time everything goes tits up.